Suggestions to build eight ‘satellite towns’ in Milton Keynes are hotly contested

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Suggestions to build eight ‘satellite towns’ in Milton Keynes are hotly contested

Two weeks ago The Citizen revealed new plans to build up to eight so called ‘satellite towns‘ in Milton Keynes, affecting some of it’s most scenic areas such as Bletchley and Olney.

‘Residents are worried, really worried’

If the plan gets a pass it could mean that at least 10.000 new homes will be build in the upcoming years in areas ranging from Olney and Sherington to Moulsoe and Hanslope.

The 10.000 houses would be distributed so to say across eight different mini towns or ‘satellite towns’ surrounding the areas mentioned above. Each town would than have their own school and employment facilities.

Olney councilor Peter Geary says that residents ‘are really worried’ when they first heard about these plans. He explains that many families have lived in the area for generations and that the thought of such drastic changes is extremely upsetting.


The long terms plans, code name Plan:MK, aim to at least double the size of Milton Keynes and expand the area by adding another 87.000 houses on 5.000 hectares over the course of the next 50 years.

The council leader of Milton Keynes has assured its residents that there will be full public consultations during every step of the plan. It’s still unknown however when the plan will go into the next stage and what this means for Olney. We’ll keep you posted with any updates in the future!