Olney Still the Pancake Champ for 2013

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Olney Still the Pancake Champ for 2013

Two cities have been at it, trying to beat each other’s time in an identical footrace carrying of all things, a pancake in a pan. Olney in the United Kingdom and the two of Liberal in Kansas, United States, have been competing since 1950 for who has the fastest time, and for 2013 the Town of Olney as the originator of the sport, wins again.

Olney’s own, Devon Byrne, a 19-year-old, holds the title of the United Kingdom in this annual match, being the fastest pancake flipper. She’s no stranger to the title, however. Byrne re-established Olney claim to fame on the sport it created on Shrove Tuesday centuries before when she won the title in 2012. This was a huge win after Olney suffered a six-year deficit dating back to 2006 when Liberal, Kansas to the top speed time away. Byrne’s latest record is hard to beat at 56 seconds.

A good number of race watchers and critics believe Byrne had a genetic advantage coming into the race. Her own mother won the fastest title for two years in 1988 and 1989. Kansas’ team put up a good match though, posting 64.3 second by Caitlyn Demarest, beating out 13 other U.S. competitors.

The British win is a good puff-up for the Olney residents but they have a ways to go overall. Liberal, Kansas, still pegs the advantage with 37 wins versus Olney’s 27 titles. It didn’t help one year when a BBC TV van got in the way of the competition on the Olney side. The race has been going annually since 1950.

Olney competitors had their work cut out for them on this year’s race day. The race course was exposed to light snow, and pre-race preppers had to warm the paths for remove any ice in case of accidents and slipping while running. Byrne’s U.S. competition included 14 candidates, in addition to her home competitors physically racing the same day in Olney.