First Time Visitors to the UK – Try Olney

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First Time Visitors to the UK – Try Olney

Visiting the United Kingdom can be an amazing adventure for those first-time tourists. However, the U.K. is far more than the City of London. For those who want to experience a bit of the British country life as well for a few days, the Town of Olney may just be the ticket.

Located right in the center of England itself, the Town of Olney is fairly easy to get to by car on the M1 and the A509 route as well as by train via the Bedford train station and Milton Keynes Central station. Once in town, lodging accommodations are available, but it helps to have reservations ahead of time. Many of the vendors are quite aware of Internet listings and travel services, so many visitors often confirm their stays and dates online.

©William Stephens

Aerial shot of Milton Keynes ©William Stephens

A visit will provide a first-time tourist a great picture of British country life and community, from the town center and market to the surround area, easily accessible by walking or bicycle if not traveling by car. So if you’re considering a visit to the U.K. and want more than just the urban setting, Olney provides history, recreation, great scenery, community, and sports all in one package, especially during the warmer months of the year.