Bringing Kids to the Country

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Bringing Kids to the Country

Families growing up the urban areas often deal with their kids taking on an inner city perspective and attitude as they grow. However, there is far more to England than just the city neighborhoods, metro, and shopping. A great way to widen your children’s view of the world is to see more of Britain on a weekend drive or jaunt. The Town of Olney is a great destination for those coming out of London or Birmingham and needing a place to escape to rural life, if just for a few days.


Close the M1 as it runs from south to north and passes through Milton Keynes, Olney provides visitors a great place to sit for a few days and slow down. Kids can engage in plenty of recreation activities in the immediate area as well thanks to the fact that Olney sits right next to the River Great Ouse. This includes forest walks, swimming, boating, fishing and just general sitting by the water in the sun for the day.


For sport fans, Olney also has a big program of multiple sports ranging from rugby to football to cricket, as well as plenty of golf courses in the area as well. So families with kids who need activity won’t be disappointed. There are also plenty of special holiday events like the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Race, the Cherry Fair, and the Dickens on Christmas, providing families more entertainment then normal when visiting.

So if your kids need a psychological getaway from the city as well as your nerves, Olney offers a great solution year round. Take a look.